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Is this the kind of thing you expect in Africa? (Dry, dusty, mud hut?)...

... how about this shopping center in the capital, Addis Ababa. This is Ethiopia too!

Houses in Gilgel Beles

Gojobet (Nest House)
Used mostly by the Gumuz people. Built from wood with straw roofs.

These types of houses were used by many groups of people. First the structure is made from small trees with a corrugated metal roof (see far house) then filled with a mixture of wet mud and straw (near house.)

Look closely and you’ll see the barbed wire fence is made from prickly tree branches. Electricity comes along a thin wire into the meter on the outside wall. The windows are corrugated metal.

Orthodox Christian church in the village.
Ethiopia has a mix of religions and everyone I met seemed very tolerant of each other; the most commonly followed religions are Christianity and Islam.

Village seen from the plane window on the way to Addis in the dry season.

Huge tower blocks being built using woodern scaffolding.

A view of Addis Ababa showing the modern and the corrigated iron shacks.

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