My Neighbours
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Ethiopian Christmas with my neighbours.
It is tradition to feed friends.

Ferengi Christmas
Foreign Christmas is two weeks before Ethiopian Christmas. I showed the boys some activities we do in England.

Fasika (Orthodox Christian Easter) with my neighbours. They are wearing modern versions of traditional dress.

2nd Birthday
No cake, just bread! I lived with his family for the first year. He was 6 months old when I arrived.

One day we found our house had been burgled. There were dirty fingerprints on the fridge, chocolate, sweets and bananas had been eaten. We later found the culprit!

Mark Sidey, VSO Volunteer Sep 2007 – Jun 2009
…and George, the College Dean’s son.

Burning the dried grass to keep the snakes away
A Health and Safety Nightmare with all the children running around!

My next-door neighbours and their calves.

4th Birthday

English holiday club – memorial to Abdu
The boy on the left, 9 year old Abdu, died two months after this photo was taken. He was bitten by a dog and caught rabies which was not treated until it was too late.

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