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Number fans in use in Maths Class
I introduced number fans to many teachers in the local schools.
(See video of number fans in action in the video section.)

Maths class for children with special needs
I ran this class twice a week to help the children, and to train the teachers you see with me.
Look at the window. Where in the UK would see children watching a maths class by choice?

Using bottle tops and home-made number fans as teaching aids.

Sign Language Class
The teacher (back left) asked if I could help a boy with no hearing in his class (children with any kind of disability usually go to “special education” schools.) I learnt, then taught American Sign Language Letters. (We are signing A to G.)

Recorder Groups
Using recorders sent from the UK, I taught several groups of students how to read musical notation and play the recorder.

One of my recorder groups performing to an audience of hundreds of other students and their parents at the 2009 Parents' Day celebration (see video in Video section of this site.) It is tradition to stick money on the foreheads of good performers.

Some Grade 3 school children.

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