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Every afternoon during the wet season the roads become rivers.

There is not much wind in Gilgel, but when it does blow, it usually means you lose electricity for a few days!!!

Look at my shadow
At the end of April the sun is directly overhead in the middle of the day.
(My latitude was only 11N not far from the Equator)

The river about 6km from Gilgel, clear in the dry season.

And chocolatey in the wet season.

Dry Season landscape near Gilgel.

But, Ethiopia is a desert isn't it?
Wet Season landscape near Gilgel.

My Posher-looking than it really was-house and the Beles river in the wet season and three months later.

During the wet season there are some spectacular storms.

Sunset near my house

Dust in the atmosphere created all sorts of sunsets.

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